Kimolos is a volcanic island.In the center of Kimolos you will visit the Medieval Castle, the museums (Archaeological and Folklore) and the very important post-Byzantine churches. You will walk in the amazing alleys of the island and try the local delicacies. What you should not miss with anything are the amazing

beaches of the island. One of the most popular beaches in Kimolos is “Therma” that you can visit only by boat.

Now with Kimolos Nodes you have the opportunity to experience this exrordinary place by offering you safe transfer there.

Every year a huge number of tourists visit this beautiful beach with its hot clear waters and usually choose to spend their whole day there.

Therma has turquoise waters and tall yellow rocks. The rocks on this beach are like melting since the thermal waters come out of a crack in the rock.This wonderful paradise has very hot water as you approach the shore while normal temperatures as you move away .. 


But beware there is a rock from where the thermal water springs and it is very hot there. If you want to explore this beach do not forget to take your mask since the aquatic world there will enchant you


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Kimolos is a volcanic island. It has many beautiful beaches and a sea that makes us proud of its transparent purity. But it is one of the most mature parts of Kimolos...



Kimolos has been continuously inhabited for over 6,000 years and the traces of history are evident in your every step.