Kimolos is a volcanic island. It has many beautiful beaches and a sea that makes us proud of its transparent purity. But one of the most mature parts of Kimolos on the west side of the Cycladic island is the “Maurospilia”, as the locals call this part of the coastline. It is a sandy beach along its entire length. It has an amazing sea
caves as well as a group of rocks
in the sea. But it is famous for
its wonderful sunset
that you should not miss.
It is next to the area “Ellinika”.
You can go by car through a dirt road and following the signs from “Aliki” or you can go by boat It is a heavenly part of Kimolos Island that you can not miss.
Rent a boat from
Kimolos Nodes
and explore this paradise on your own.
Otherwise you can book
a boat trip and let experienced driver of
Kimolos Nodes travel to this wonderful place.


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Kimolos has been continuously inhabited for over 6,000 years and the traces of history are evident in your every step.



You will walk in the amazing alleys of the island and try
the local delicacies. What you should not miss with anything are the amazing...